Get Unstuck and Growing Again

The greatest obstacles to success are psychological.
Unconscious habits can sabotage your conscious efforts.
What you don't know about yourself can cost you dearly.
There are ways to make the unconscious conscious.
These ways can be taught and learned.
Happiness is the reward.
Success is a by-product.

Break the taboo against knowing who you are and find out what makes you tick.
Join Personal Growth Coach, Steve Donaldson, for insights and exercises designed to reveal yourself to yourself.

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"Steve not only has a way of making you feel comfortable with him, he also makes you feel comfortable with yourself.
He supports every tangent and side road you take,
and then so gently brings you back to your touchstone and your goal."
-Virginian Moore

"The time I have spent working with Steve Donaldson on my personal issues has been extremely productive.
Steve has the ability not only to listen well,
but also to recall (and bring back to light at an appropriate time!) what has been previously discussed.
I recommend Steve with zero reservations!"
-Dena Radley

"What is it about Steve that makes him so good at what he does?
Could it be the way he listens carefully when you speak?
Is it his thoughtful and insightful comments when your own life's direction is playing hide and seek?
Perhaps what Steve has that makes him so good is a wonderful gift.
A gift that he generously shares with his clients
as he guides them toward self-understanding and finding what was always there, hidden in their hearts.
Steve is a dream catcher.
He catches hold of your evasive and forgotten dreams and gently returns them to you.
The dreams begin to dance into your soul.
Your soul begins to dance into your heart.
Your dancing heart beats the beat and the rhythm of life flourishes.
Those of us who have had the pleasure and honor of working with Steve
through his workshops, groups, and consulting practice
applaud his wonderful talents.
He is appreciated for his skill, respected for his vision, that yes, our dreams are attainable.
Thank you Steve for guidance in the dance of dreams."
-Carole Abel

Steven R. Donaldson

Life Management Consultant,
Personal Growth Coach

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in the privacy of your own home.
Private office consultations are also available.

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