Past Suggestion: (special thanks to Ken Thompson for help maintaining this list)

	Of what significance is racial make up?
	What is death?
	How do we deal with the inevitability aging, sickness, and death?
	What is a cult?
	What is money and why does it cause so much trouble?
	Is law just a tool of the ruling elite?
	Is there any value in being narcissistic?
	Is justice merely subjective or is there some higher principle?
	What is the relationship between law and justice?
	What is it that compels us to be unique and also like everyone else?
	Is freedom supportable?
	What is money and why does it cause so much trouble?
	If racism is a disease, what is the cure?
	How does sexual energy manifest itself in the universe?
	How might Americans better acknowledge the sexual nature of human beings?
	What is the relationship between good/bad, legal/illegal, moral/immoral, and just/unjust?
	What are the desirable qualities of a leader?
	Is will really free?
	Have the vows of marriage out lived their usefulness?
	How far does the concept of Unity go and how separate are we?
	Is the premise of the movie, The Matrix, fact or fiction?
	What is the role of visual images in the collective consciousness?
	If it can be proven mathematically, does it mean it is true?
	What is the relationship between the intellect and emotion?
	What is the relationship between economy and law?
	Is there such a thing as legitimate violence?
	How can we not judge when everything is a judgement?
	Why do we seem to be on the road to self-destruction?
	How can we manage violence in such a way to avoid the ultimate aggression of killing ourselves and others?
	What is the importance of nature in our modern life?
	What is the difference between familial love and loyalty?
	What is a patriot?
	Is political divisiveness helpful or harmful?
	When someone is hypocritical, what are the implications for others? 
	What is the significance of race? Does race matter?
	How does one determine and pursue ones bliss?
	How can joy be truly shared?
	Do we really have a free will?
	Is it true that if you do what you love, the money will follow?
	Does power inevitably corrupt?
	Is the universe eternal?
	Is reality digital or analog?
	What is the difference between war and terrorism?
	Does religion matter?
	How do we deal with greed?
	Where do ideas come from?
	What is the point of humor?
	Is co-housing a good thing and is it the wave of the future?
	What is community? How is it affected by architecture?
	What is the relationship between thought and behavior?
	Does doubt matter? Does it serve a purpose?
	Do great truths always manifest as paradox?
	Why do we focus so much on the negative?
	What are Americas values?
	How does a group govern itself? Is the size of the group a factor?
	Pros and cons of ordinary language vs. technical jargon?
	Where to draw the line between individual privacy and collective security?
	Why is banking controlled privately?
	Can we separate church and state?
	How would you start civilization from scratch?
	Is perception the only reality?
	What is the purpose of government?
	Is there justice in nature?
	What is consciousness?
	Are values absolute or relative?
	Is science responsible?
	What is Spirit?
	What is memory?
	Do trees have free will?
	Where do questions come from?
	Is money healthy?
	Is linear thinking a racist practice?
	Is monotheism sexist?
	How much money is obscene?
	Is evolution possible?
	Where does intelligence stop and wisdom begin?
	Should any knowledge be forbidden?
	What is our purpose in life?
	Where do questions come from?

Created on ... February 10, 2003