Past topics: (special thanks to Ken Thompson for help maintaining this list)

   07/30   	How can we live fully, knowing death is inevitable?
   07/23   	What value can we find in silence?
   07/16   	What is it that compels us to be unique and at the same time just like everyone else?
   07/09   	What is the authentic self and where does it come from?
   07/02   	What is authority and why do we resist it? highlights
   06/25   	What is the role of religion on our culture today?
   06/18   	Is science the only universal religion or link among us?
   06/04   	What is the sanctity of life and when, where, and to whom does it apply? highlights
   05/28   	Is Nature Important? highlights
   05/21   	What is the relationship between non-conformity and self-actualization? highlights
   05/07   	Does God really exist? highlights
   04/16   	Should Nations be held to the same standards of behavior as individuals? highlights
   04/09   	How can we return to a path toward spiritual wholeness? highlights
   04/02   	Why is it so hard to be totally honest? highlights
   03/26   	How does a passionate person guard against crossing over to zealotry? highlights
   03/19   	Why is there not enough time for the fun stuff? highlights
   03/19   	(Off-topic topic about "going off topic".) highlights
   03/05   	What should one do if they discover their government is corrupt and evil? highlights
   02/26   	Why don't people listen to reason? highlights
   02/19   	What is the point of humor? Why do we laugh?
   02/12   	What is the nature of creativity?
   02/05   	Is democracy truly compatible with freedom?
   01/29   	What is passion?
   01/22   	What is the nature of dreams?
   01/15   	Why is voyeurism so compelling?
   01/08   	How do you know when your government has gone too far?

   12/18   	Is polyamory ethical?
   12/11   	Do we need leaders? What is leadership?
   12/04   	What is our purpose in life?
   11/27   	Where do questions come from?
   11/20   	How do we know what we know? How do we make decisions?
   11/13   	Can shared spiritual beliefs reduce violence?
   10/30   	How does language affect thinking?
   10/23   	How do you create a participatory democracy?
   10/9   	What is being versus having in a capitalist culture?
   9/25   	Who owns planet earth?
   9/11   	What does peace mean to you?
   8/28   	What is competition versus cooperation?
   8/14   	What is the balance of good and evil?
   7/24   	What is a perfect world?
   7/10   	How do we know ourselves?  change ourselves?
   6/26   	Do good and evil co-exist?
   6/12   	How do we make choices?
   5/22   	Is language disintegrating?
   4/24   	Is religion a source of conflict?
   3/27   	What is more important than the truth?
   3/13   	What is imagination versus knowledge?
   2/27   	What is emotional versus rational?
   2/13   	On a jury, what are the ethics of lying?
   1/23   	What is enchantment?
   1/9   	What is truth?
   12/26   	Is romantic love possible or even viable?
   12/12   	Are we prisoners of our emotions?
   11/28   	What is the root cause of terrorism?
   11/14   	What is loyalty?
   10/24   	What is art?
   9/26   	What is scientific evidence?
   9/12   	What is appropriate response to violence?
   8/22   	Is human life sacred?
   6/27   	Is there reality outside of perception?
   6/13   	Is America free?
   5/23   	What is worth it?
   5/9   	What is karma?
   4/25   	What are the advantages of philosophy?
   4/11   	Is there a difference between science and religion?
   3/28   	Is it honorable to deceive yourself?
   3/14   	How do we know what is not natural evolution?
   2/28   	What is home?
   2/14   	Are moral codes shifting?
   1/24   	What is the source of power in government?
   12/13   	Is the idea of utopia useful today?
   11/8   	What is reality?
   10/25   	What is morality?
   10/11   	What is guilt?
   9/27   	What is power?
   9/13   	How do we manifest?
   8/9   	What is love?
   7/26   	How do we know what we know?
   7/12   	What is absolute value?
   6/28   	What is happiness?
   5/31   	What is fun?
   5/17   	Is there justice?

Created on ... February 10, 2003