The Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Christopher Phillips's Web Site. Includes tips on how to start your own Socrates Cafe in your area.
Socrates Cafe Yahoo Group
An on-line version of Socrates Cafe moderated by Mark Haag and hosted by Yahoo. You need to register with Yahoo to participate. Registration is free.
Stephen Downes Guide to the Logical Fallacies
This site provides an excellent catalog of logical fallacies and how they are commonly used to obscure the truth. It provides a great foundation for anyone interested in using the tools of logic and reason to advance or discredit a particular point of view. (Thanks to David Rood for recommending this link.)
The World of Ken Wilber
Frank Visser's page dedicated to all things related to Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber is thought of by many, including myself, as the most comprehensive and insightful philosopher of our era.
Metaphysics of Quality
Site dedicated to Robert Pirsig's philosophical theses expounded in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila. The site also contains many links to other philosophical discussion forums.
Get Unstuck and Growing Again
Steve Donaldson's site dedicated to personal growth and living the life you love.

If you know of any sites that you would like to see included here, let me know. I am open for suggestions.

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